Shadowfell Atlanta

Newbs in 4E

WTF is a healing surge?

We’ll be playing the intro module Keep on the Shadowfell in order to cut our teeth on the new system. Our first game is scheduled for Saturday the 21st.

I’d love to hear any comments from the Obsidian Portal community!

Beware of Spoilers!

Character Plans
  • Jordan – I’m making two, to swap out, or in case we need multiple characters: a halfling paladin with the charisma type build, and an elven ranger archer.
  • Regan – I started making a “Devoted” Cleric, but I was also thinking of making a Wizard (either build, but I think I prefer the “Control” build). Then based on what you guys want to be I can pick the one that fits the party best.
  • Vivek – ???
  • Andrew – ???
  • Micah – Lots of nasty monsters and NPCs!


Hey I’m also doing a KOTS OP called Black Aria. I’ve mostly skipped straight to the dungeon but Splug is linked!

Newbs in 4E

Grrr! 4E is not my cup of tea! Can we even call this game D&D?

Newbs in 4E

Hmmm I dig it. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about so many hps for monsters vs 1 for minions… mostly I like that monster stats are shorter. KOTS isnt the best module, but the maps are good. I just want to get down to the climactic encounters! BTW your site is great!

Newbs in 4E

Looking to run KOTS but by the time the players face it they will be effective 3rd level plus. Also will be adapting the encounters and shifting the plot a little as its very close to what I want in my Dark Gods storyline, but strays from the ideal.

Newbs in 4E

I’d encourage you to stay with it even if it’s a bit awkward at first. This edition is a major departure from previous versions, but that’s why I’m playing it again. What I like: the powers system – it’s an elegant way to work out what you can do in a day, per encounter, and at will; the system is dependent on and positively encourages character cooperation. 4th edition reminds me of an online RPG and the HP system plays like that. It’s worth re-reading the description on what HPs are representative of to get a feel for it. Healing Surges are critical for your party to get their head around – use those second winds and leaders effectively. Anyhow, I hope it’s a more fun experience next session :-)

Newbs in 4E
Micah sageinarage

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