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Death on the King's Road

Kobold's have that many hp?

Our intrepid explorers merrily made their way along the King’s Road toward Winterhaven. They are rudely greeted by a band of greedy kobolds. With a few short swings of maul and axe, the little buggers are decimated and destroyed.

The first fight was pretty simple. A bunch of kobold minions that got blown to pieces before they even made it to the PCs. No big deal.

Nearing sundown, we reached the town of Winterhaven. The innkeeper points us to Eilian the Old as a good source of info, so we talk to him about our missing friend Douvren Staul (or something like that). Eilian gives us directions to a dragon’s burial site, so we rest for the evening and then head out the next morning. Strangely, in a community of almost 1000 people, we encounter only about 3-5 living souls.

Wow. This setting seems so sterile. Maybe I’m jaded as a long-time DM and expect a little more for my money, but this town is pretty boring. Perhaps it gets better later in the adventure.

Back on the King’s Road, we are again ambushed by kobolds. Emboldened by our previous victory, we attack eagerly. However, unlike before, these kobolds are much hardier and can dish out punishment at an alarming rate. Before too long, Sander is unconscious on the ground, and Frank is bloodied. Gwar, our stalwart dwarven defender trades blows with one of the kobolds, but he is being double-teamed by the kobold wyrmpriest, whose acid orbs strike with incredible accuracy.

Finally succumbing to his wounds, Gwar collapses at the feet of the wyrmpriest. Wasting no time, the dastardly creature finishes him off with a single acid orb. Meanwhile, our merry band is not so merry anymore, as everyone struggles to stay alive. Most of the kobolds have been killed, but not without cost. Gwar is dead, Sander is barely managing to stay conscious, and Frank is teetering on the edge.

An unlucky blow from one of the dragonshields knocks Frank to the ground. As with Gwar, an acid orb flies through the midst of the combatants to finish him, leaving Frank’s face a stinking pile of acidic goo.

Finishing off the last of the dragonshields, the remaining adventurers can focus on the wyrmpriest. He attempts to run away, but incessant magic missiles from Mr. Bojangles eventually bring him down.

Barely two minutes have passed, but the King’s Road is littered with corpses, and all hope of finding Douven Staul are extinguished as the adventurers gaze upon the lifeless bodies of Gwar and Frank Leafhumper.

Holy crap! That second battle is really freaking hard! It’s 5v5, and pretty much every kobold has better stats than the PCs. They all have high HP, high attack bonuses, and decent AC. To top it off, they’re supposed to get a surprise round. I try to be extra-brutal in 1-shots (like attacking PCs who are at negatives), but come on, two PCs killed in the 2nd encounter? That’s a little much. Maybe we just don’t understand the rules well enough yet.


Heh, the group I’m playing with made it past this encounter with all party members alive. Attacking the kobolds at the waterfall was a different story. Luckily the GM decided they’d knock us out and take us prisoner as opposed to a TPK.

Good luck with the rest of this!

Death on the King's Road

Well, we did forget about Action Points. Plus, like I said, I try to be extra brutal in 1-shots or throwaway adventures. I do take a certain pleasure in targeting unconscious PCs that are in the negatives. There’s just something visceral about kicking a guy while he’s down.

Death on the King's Road

Like the report on the Kobold attacks. I’m looking to run this and merge the storyline into my ongoing campaign.

Death on the King's Road
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